About us

Vaikuttaja (The Influencer) is a blog published by the Faculty of Management and Business, Tampere University. On this blog, we write articles commenting on and analysing current issues in the fields of management, business and societal advocacy. The blog posters are researchers, teachers, students and partners of the Faculty of Management and Business.

In the Faculty of Management and Business, we operate in the areas of politics, business, administrative studies and industrial and information management. With 3,500 students and more than 300 staff members, our Faculty is a large academic community whose goal is to provide internationally high-grade research and education.

In our Faculty, we aim to provide an environment that enables academics to fundamentally understand the world of tomorrow that is being created today. As an organisation, we seek multiple perspectives and novel ways to lead, govern and study across boundaries.


Although the themes of the blog represent the research interests of the Faculty, the opinions and views expressed by the blog posters are their own. The administrator of the blog is communications coordinator Saara Kontiainen. You can contact her by email at saara.kontiainen(at)uta.fi